Automatic Timing & Controls
Electromechanical Timers
Model : 305E Motor Driven Analog Reset Timer
Noted for its circuit flexibility, the ATC 305E also provides the highest accuracy among analog timers. Available for either ON-Delay or OFF-Delay operation.

The ATC 305E provides delay, interval or pulse timing function for up to 7 load circuits through two instantaneous and two delayed switches. It features a plug-in design and cycle progress indication.

  • Repeat accuracy of 0.2%
  • Dust-tight seal against the housing-panel or surface-mounted
  • Reset to a full-scale setting within 0.1 sec,
  • Externally accessible contacts at 14 point terminal black
  • Mechanical life expectancy over 5,000,000 operations
  • Built in pilot light
Model : 322B Motor-Driven Cycle Progress Timer
The ATC 322B is a synchronous motor-driven timer with an electrically-operated clutch equipped either for On-Delay or Off-Delay operation.

A Dial-Adjustable TDR with cycle progress indication, the ATC 322B can also be used as a low-cost automatic reset timer for a wide range of interval, delay and pulse timing functions, in either ON delay or OFF delay operation.

  • Economical
  • Instantaneous switch and two delayed load switches
  • Surface or flush mount through a single 15/16"OD cutout in a 1/8" panel.
  • Rotating dial knob, continuously showing time remaining until time-out.
Model : 400 Interval Timer
Designed to control an electrical circuit for a set time upon operation of the manual setting knob which is directly connected to the switch operating cam. To assure positive setting action, this timer does not set through a clutch. Calibrated dial settings are available in ranges from 1 minute to 24 hours. Designed for control of any electrically operated equipment or operation, such as processing machinery, plastic molding, laundry and dry cleaning machinery, electric ovens and furnaces, photographic equipment, or wherever accurately timed control of electrical operation is critical.
  • Simple Operation
  • Available in time ranges 30, 60 minutes, 5 & 24 hours