Automatic Timing & Controls
Percentage Timers
Model : 304 Industrial Percentage Timer
The ATC 304 industrial percentage timer is easily the most rugged and dependable of all industrial percentage timers. It incorporates heavy-duty contact that are capable of switching loads as large as 4.6 KW directly.
  • 3/8" self cleaning silver contacts
  • Classic design
  • Convenient, continuous adjustment
  • Available in choice of 15, 30, and 60 sec. time cycles. 60 Hz.
Model : CP Percentage Timer
For continuous ON-OFF control of electrical circuits, the Model ATC CP single circuit repeat cycle is a continuous cycling control where the ON or circuit closure time is dial adjusted for a percentage of the total time cycle
  • Precise Foolproof Operating Mechanism
  • Eliminates All Engaging Cams And Latches
  • Five Time Ranges From Which to Choose
  • Minimal Panel Space Needed