Automatic Timing & Controls
Specialty Sensors
Model: 7022, 7065 Miniature Scanners
The ATC 7022A and 7065A are designed for through-beam or diffuse applications. These sensors must be used with the 7218A or 7219A, which provide modulation, amplification, and control. The 7022A is a diffuse type with an infrared source. The 7065A are through-beam and diffuse types incorporating a visible LED and bendable fiber optic sensing tip
  • Miniature Cylindrical Sensors
  • Amplifier Dependent
  • Through-Beam or Diffuse
  • Stainless Construction
Model: 7450 Conduit Connection Sensor
Rugged, easy to use, photoelectric sensor family. Conduit connection, with convenient terminal strip wiring makes installation quick and solid. Timing functions include one-shot, on-delay and off-delay. Will operate on nearly any voltage, from 12VDC to 240VAC for applications worldwide. Diagnostic capability includes indicator light for plant floor action, and an NPN output for signaling PLC or PC. Sensing range up to 5m for retro, 700mm for diffuse. Heavy duty relay handles up to 5A at 250VAC. Easy, flip-open cover snaps securely in place without screws.
  • AC or DC Operates on Any Common Voltage
  • Outputs, 5A Relay or NPN
  • Output, Diagnostic, NPN and Indicator Light
  • Timing Functions Available
  • Protection; Reverse Polarity, Surge, Short- Circuit
  • Rugged, ABS Construction, IP66
Model: 7851 Ultrasonic Scanner
  • Ultrasonic sensor with built-in amplifier.
  • Uses micro ultrasonic elements.
  • Compact size- .98" × 1.4" × .52
  • 20 inch sensing range.